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Need the perfect gift for the person who has everything? Two by Two Rescue will send a special card to your special someone to let them know a gift has been given in their honor. To know that a dog's life has been saved because of them will make their holiday, birthday or special occasion extra meaningful. Occasions to consider: Birthday Anniversary Holiday Memorial gift of beloved one or pet Recognition of achievement Simply mail your donation with the name and address of the person you wish to honor and we will immediately send a card from Two by Two Rescue. We are a 501 C 3 so all gifts are tax deductible. Two by Two Rescue, P.O. Box 708, Helena, AL 35080.

Please read CONSIDERATIONS BEFORE ADOPTING prior to submitting an adoption application.

Contact us to schedule an appointment to see the animal(s) you are interested in, as most of our pets are kept in private foster homes. Two by Two Rescue requires that you be at least 21 years of age, sign a contract, and pay an adoption fee of $200.00 for each animal. In certain circumstances however, the adoption fee could be more or less depending on the animal’s particular situation. Adoption fees are non-refundable.
The new owner is contracting to:

  • To provide medical care & treatment needed by the animal including yearly exams & all vaccinations indicated necessary by your veterinarian.
  • To spay or neuter no later than six months of age.
  • To not keep any animal on leased property where a “no pet policy” is enforced
  • To provide adequate fresh water, food, & clean dry shelter.
  • To provide plenty of exercise & not be tethered or kept in a run.
  • To obey all laws governing control & custody of animals.
  • To always keep the animal on heart worm preventative medication.
  • To be adopting animal for a companion/pet, not as a gift or for animal research.
  • To give permission to Two by Two Rescue to visit my premises at any time to insure agreement is adhered to.
  • Return to rescue: return animal to Two by Two Rescue rather than to place, sell or abandon animal in the event that the animal needs re-homing. I accept all responsibility, financial &logistical ,involved in returning the animal to an organization representative.
  • To keep proper ID tags on the animal at all times.
  • Promise & agree to be solely responsible for this animal, & indemnify & hold harmless Two by Two Rescue from any & claims of liability for the conduct of the animal on or after the date of adoption. This Release of Liability and Indemnification shall apply to all known, unknown & unanticipated damages resulting from my/our adoption, ownership or control of such animal.

THE NEW OWNER SHOULD HAVE AN I.D.TAG ENGRAVED WITH THEIR MOBILE PHONE NUMBER READY TO ATTACH TO THE COLLAR WHEN RECEIVING THEIR ADOPTED PET. Necessary supplies such as a leash, food, crate, etc., should also be in place before bringing their new pet into the home.