Can I come live with you for a while?

As Two by Two Rescue does not have a facility, we rely solely on foster homes to save the lives of homeless canine companions. Most are kept in private foster homes in Helena, Pelham, Hoover, Alabaster, and surrounding Birmingham areas. A foster home gives refuge and the same care that a responsible and loving owner would provide. We try to make a good match based on the dog’s personality, and the foster family’s lifestyle. A dog may stay in foster care for several days to several months, depending on the unique situation of each. Foster parents play a large role in helping to determine what type of permanent home would be best for the dog. Two by Two Rescue pays for all pre-approved vet expenses. Hope Animal Clinic in Bessemer is our primary veterinarian. We can usually provide food, treats, and accessories, but welcomes the foster home to donate needed supplies if possible. Foster homes are not expected to handle the administrative details of the adoption process. Fosters are welcome to come to PetSmart in Hoover, for families to ”meet and greet”. (Saturdays, Noon-4:00PM except for major holidays).

Foster homes agree to:

  • Provide a loving safe environment, adequate fresh water & food, excerise & clean dry
  • Obey all laws governing control & custody of animals.
  • Not put an animal on a teather or leave in a run.
  • Keep a collar with I.D. tags on the animal(s) at all times.
  • Properly administer any necessary medications, including heartworm preventative,  & notify the executive director of any health issues or concerns in a  timely manner.
  • Sign a foster home agreement.

Here is what some of our foster homes have to say:

I become attached to all my foster puppies and it is hard to let them go, but I know that I have helped them go from living on the streets to living a great life in a loving home. They have all touched my heart in their own special way.


Fostering is the most rewarding thing in my life.  Their is no better feeling  than when a rescued dog begins to trust and feel safe with you.  I foster because rescue dogs make me a better person.


My fosters are a special gift to me. The excitement of finding each one a loving home,that surge of joy in my heart, is one of the best feelings I have ever known.


The joy of nurturing a homeless pet, knowing you played a vital role in saving their life, and seeing them adopted to a forever home is truly rewarding.

If you would like to foster please the button below.