Dingo was the heart and soul of Two by Two Rescue. A wild momma, she lived in Old Town Helena. She was too wild to ever socialize, but it was a dream to have her spayed and returned to her territory that she loved. Her home base was at a manufacturer named Metro Goals. Dingo was kindly treated to left-over lunches regularly by the employees and was allowed to come and go from their facility to get out of the weather. She was so wild that even after being tranquilized, she out ran those trying to save her. Dingo was too smart for traps. She was fed for 6 years!  She always got turkey and ham on the holidays. Spaghetti was one of her favorite dishes. Dingo birthed at least 72 puppies.  She could have had more, but Two by Two saved 72.
Three foot holes were dug on two different occasions to get the puppies out of “fox holes”. She was masterful at hiding and protecting her babies.  On several occasions, she gulped the food that was left, then went to a hole and barked. The puppies would come up and she would regurgitate so they could eat.  Witnessing this event was better than any Animal Planet series. On September 29, 2008, Metro Goals found her body behind their building. They respectfully buried her on their property.
Dingo’s story is testimony as to why you should SPAY AND NEUTER YOUR PETS!

Ms. Mason, Jiggles & Mimi

Rest in Peace sweet girls, knowing you were loved and will not be forgotten.


Freckles was rescued three times in life. Pregnant at a shelter, a pit bull rescue saved her and her puppies. She was then adopted by a woman who had a vindictive boyfriend. Freckles escaped his bullet, and ran into the woods surviving for months before being saved again. She was almost adopted a second time, but the home visit did not work out, so she happily went to live with Ron & Sonya Smith. Like most pit bulls, Freckles was not aware of her stigma. She crossed rainbow bridge September 11, 2009. She was a sweet girl who was a credit to her breed.
She will be truly missed.


Chase was found, along with his siblings, nestled in the hollow of a tree trunk. The puppies had been born by a stray mother. He developed the cutest personality that instantly captured your heart. Tilting his head in curiosity, he loved to explore and play. Chase brought so much happiness to his adoptive family. Sadly, he crossed Rainbow Bridge less than a year old. His life was short, but full of zest and love. May Chase’s memory be inspiration to make someone smile each day, and enjoy life to the fullest.

Mercy Girl

Mercy Girl was picked up by the Helena Police Department after she was found sitting scared on the door step of a stranger. She earned her name because no doubt, God showed her mercy in order for her to be rescued by Two by Two. At first, she was frightened and would growl at volunteers trying to help her. But within minutes of feeling love and compassion, Mercy Girl recognized that the new people in her life were trustworthy and nurturing. Only about 4 years old, she was grossly emaciated with many health problems. Despite her woes, she had a beautiful, loving spirit to be admired and emulated. She encouraged us and made our hearts sing even while she struggled with failing health. We are thankful to God for giving us two months of her life and not allowing her to die alone and suffer in the heat. We are thankful for the generous people who donated toward her care. We are thankful to Dr. Fuller who traveled to a volunteer’s home late at night in order to compassionately send Mercy Girl to heaven. Thank you God, for your Mercy.

Big Daddy

Big Daddy was the kind of friend that everyone needs in their life.  After he and his companion were dumped on a country road, his friend was hit by a car and killed. Big Daddy sat beside his friend for 3 days before being rescued.  He lived in a foster home for quite some time. Being that he was large in size, black, and 11 years old, made it difficult to find a home. It was a joyous day when he was adopted by the Lee family, who was very patient and understanding of Big Daddy’s ways. He enjoyed his daily walks and thrived on their love. He was a loyal companion. On January 3, 2011, with failing health at age 16, Big Daddy’s family compassionately sent Big Daddy to heaven. He will always have a piece of our hearts.