Heather Wyatt, Foster Home Coordinator

Heather was born in Florida and it is always in her heart. She has a small farm with two rescue pigs, seven chickens, five guineas, a pygmy goat, and a mini cow in her future. She is open to a mini horse too! Her favorite Two by Two Rescue stories include Bo, her Rottweiler and of course Mr. Grumplestein. Lefty is another that has her heart and there’s Ruthie and her amazing story. Heather says she could survive on Gummy Bears and Coke and be perfectly happy.

Heather wants you to know: I love to garden and just be outdoors. When weather is nice, our back deck is our favorite hangout. We love to grill out, have a bon-fire and chill with friends and family!

From Sonya’s heart: Heather’s priceless contribution to the rescue is her heart of prayer; she prays for the volunteers, fosters, and dogs. Heather has a beautiful hand-in-hand relationship with the Lord. I know a secret about Heather and it is that she and Chris are true lovebirds and his feathers are not ruffled by her running out of gas, backing into a tree, or side-swiping a building in her rescue vehicle! Heather is a recovering Coke-a-holic. Heather was chosen by God to have the world’s thickest and longest eyelashes!