Frequently Asked Questions About Fostering

1. How long do I keep a foster pet?
We ask that you keep your foster until they are adopted. That time varies, some dogs are adopted in a few days, some take a few months. We understand that life happens and that is not always possible. If you need to have your foster moved to a new foster, we ask that you give us a few days’ notice.

2. Am I responsible for finding my foster a home?
No. We are responsible for finding your foster a home. We will market your dog on our website, Facebook, Instagram, and multiple adoption websites. We do however encourage you to post your fosters on social media.

3. What does Two by Two Rescue provide?
Two by Two Rescue provides everything needed to foster: food, crate, bowls, collar with ID tag & leash. Monthly flea/tick & heartworm prevention. We also provide toys, treats and beds when we have them donated.

4. Am I responsible for vet expenses?
No. Two by Two Rescue will cover all approved medical expenses at our contracted vet clinics.

5. What happens if I need to go on vacation or work trip?
We will find an alternative foster or board your foster during any travel plans. You are allowed to travel with foster dog as well.

6. What if I want to adopt my foster dog?
We always love a foster fail! We allow fosters to have first choice at adopting their foster, under the guidelines of the foster home agreement.

7. What are my responsibilities as a foster?

  • Provide a safe, clean, caring environment for your foster.
  • Provide adequate food & water.
  • Provide appropriate exercise & socialization.
  • Monitor any medical or behavioral issues and communicate with foster team.
  • Transport to/from any necessary vet appointments, adoption events, or meet & greets.
  • Communicate and meet with potential adopters.
  • Actively participate in marketing your foster dog. Send pictures, videos and personality information to us.
  • Carefully read all documents & follow instructions that Two by Two Rescue provides
  • Keep and open line of communication with Two by Two Rescue
  • Have fun!