Fostering is for everyone: even the youngest family member enjoys two puppies from this litter of 10.

Helping homeless, unwanted, or abused pets be adopted into forever homes is possible because of the transitional care given by a community of loving foster homes. While some areas of the country are realizing the value of this practice and consider it to be innovative, it has been how Two by Two has operated since inception.

We provide everything needed to foster: food, crate, blankets, bed, bowls, flea prevention, heart worm prevention, collar with ID tag and leash, and all medical expenses. All resident pets in a foster home must be up to date on vaccinations, spayed or neutered, and on heart worm prevention.

Our foster homes are in the Greater Birmingham, Alabama, area. This makes it more convenient for foster animals to be seen at Two by Two approved animal clinics, attend adoption events, and facilitate meet and greets and home visits prior to adoption.

Foster dogs either stay in their foster home until they are adopted, or until a foster notifies the rescue they are ready for them to move on. Fostering is not a life-long commitment.

All our dogs must be kept up to date on vaccinations and heart worm prevention. The foster coordinator will arrange for vaccinations and provide the foster with monthly heart worm prevention.

We recognize our foster families need to:

  • Be comfortable with the animal(s) placed in their home.
  • Recognize their need to take a respite from fostering.
  • Care for themselves and their families.

“The life of a precious soul is a blessing to those who are fortunate enough to experience the insurmountable love they give after years of neglect and abuse. To watch them receive love and care after a lifetime of sadness brings tears to my eyes. Frankly without witnessing it yourself, it’s hard to put in to words the spectacular transformation that these beautiful angels go through. It’s like a caterpillar changing into a butterfly. The gift of experiencing something so spectacular and to be a voice for the voiceless is a treasure that I will be forever grateful for. Life-changing.

THIS is rescue.”

– Lauren Hyche, Foster Mom