Welcome foster caregiver! If you are just browsing our website and you are in Alabama or the Greater Birmingham area, we welcome your application to become part of the Foster Community.  Two by Two foster caregivers are the best!      



We are growing our Foster Community thanks to a generous grant from Maddie’s Fund!         

  • We have carefully selected a few short flash videos we would like all foster caregivers to watch. They are waiting for you at Maddie’s University. Ready to get started? Log on to Maddie’s University and create an account. You will automatically receive a verification email. Click the link in the email or paste it into your browser window. (If you do not see the verification email in your in-box, check your spam folder.)

    Once you are on Maddie’s University, choose My Courses at the top of the page. You will see two tabs labeled My Courses and Access. Click the Access tab. The access code is your Pooch Pantry password. 

    Then click the My Courses tab. From there you can Open and Launch your classes. You will need to open Maddie’s University Lifesaver Training and 2×2 Foster Caregiving to get to the courses selected for you.

    When you have completed all of your classes, your course status will be marked Complete in the report sent to Two by Two. If you have any issues, contact Maddie’s University for assistance. Note: Maddie’s University works best in Chrome; some versions of Internet Explorer are not supported. 

  • There are other great resources available from Maddie’s Pet Forum. You can also download the Maddie’s Pet Assistant app where you can see pet caregiver topics and interesting discussions.

   Our Adoption Process

  1. The interested adopter submits an adoption application on the Two by Two website.  
  2. The application is reviewed for initial approval.
  3. A Vet check and apartment check (to verify there is no conflict with the management’s Pet Policy) are completed.
  4. The approved application is sent to the foster caregiver.
  5. The foster caregiver contacts the applicant to schedule a meet and greet with the dog. IMPOTANT: We often have multiple applicants for the same dog. We ARE NOT first come first serve. Our practice is to find the perfect fit for both the dog and the family. We will not hold a dog without a completed contract. That being said, if a foster caregiver responds to the email they receive with updates, it allows us to place more dogs by keeping those applications open.
  6. If the applicant likes the dog and wants to move forward, the foster caregiver schedules a home visit.
    IMPORTANT: If the meet and greet is done at the applicant’s home, the home visit can be completed at the same time.
  7. Once the applicant is happy with the dog, and the foster caregiver approves of home visit, the foster lets Amanda or Heather know the applicant is ready to adopt.
  8. Amanda or Heather will send the adoption contract via text message link to the applicant. They will sign the contract and pay the adoption fee on the same link.
  9. Once the contract and payment are completed, the dog can be left with the new family. IMPORTANT: never leave a foster dog in a home without a signed contract and completed payment.
  10. The final step is that the new owner(s) will receive a receipt, copy of contract, and vet records via email. 

We appreciate you!