Sonya King, Founder and Executive Director

Sonya was born in Georgia and calls Alabama home yet her eyes long to be abroad (she loves to travel). Sonya loves to read and worship. Her favorite Two by Two rescue? Woody and Clarence tie for first place! Eli’s book, I am Eli. I Have Jacked Up Hair but I Don’t Care, will be published this year. Sonya’s favorite foods? She’d rather eat cake, then pie!

Sonya wants everyone to know: I have an amazing husband and we spend our time making each other laugh. Before I die, I will rescue an elephant. Moses is my Bible boyfriend. Jesus is my savior and the Holy Spirit is my best friend. I am honored by the calling put on my life by God. I admire and adore all the people who give their time and energy to bless God’s creatures through Two by Two Rescue.